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We achieve positive outcomes for our New Zealand and international clients by providing effective specialist tax advice and advocacy services.

Have questions? We can help.

  • Unsure about tax issues concerning various property or other asset transactions?
  • Considering making a voluntary disclosure of a past error?
  • Paying more tax than is appropriate?
  • IRD making unreasonable demands?
  • Accountants and lawyers – are you interested in a report on your client’s structure and land transactions?
  • Received IRD notification of a risk review or audit/investigation?
  • Moving or investing to or from New Zealand and want to ensure any tax liabilities are minimised across the countries concerned?
  • Need an advocate to represent your best position?
  • Need to negotiate a tax debt?



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We have both business and private individual clients and regularly assist and partner with other professionals such as Accountants, Solicitors and Migration Consultants looking for specialist tax services for their clients.

“Get effective tax advice and compliant structures from us and pay no more tax than is appropriate.”