We work closely with you to ensure we achieve a timely and pragmatic resolution to your tax matters.

Most assignments can be managed effectively through telephone and email contact so we are able to provide direct support throughout NZ and overseas.

For all assignments;

  • We provide our advice in writing and in clear business language
  • We provide prompt and thorough analysis of your tax issues
  • We provide our terms upfront including a fee estimate
  • We abide by our own code of ethics and that of the professional bodies we belong to¬† – refer our ‘about us’ page

The following is a brief outline of our standard approach to requests for tax advice:

  1. Assignment brief – We first understand and agree on what you want and need to achieve and provide an indicative fee range and an engagement contract.
  2. Information and process determined – We will then advise you what information you need to provide to us, what the next steps are, and the structure of the advice to be delivered.
  3. Research – Once the assignment is confirmed by you and us, we research and confirm background information and if required provide a formal fee estimate.
  4. Formal advice prepared – We prepare the formal advice and issue in draft for your review.
  5. Advice finalised and implemented – Once you have reviewed the draft, we finalise the advice and ensure you and/or your advisor is fully briefed about implementing the advice.