Through our work for clients we have a great deal of interaction with public sector organisations (IRD, ACC, Immigration and Courts). While at times, these interactions go smoothly there are occasions where we find fundamental operational issues that impact on the quality of services provided by these organisations (e.g. IRD not accepting email communication). Often these issues are, in our view simple to fix yet we consistently find that bureaucracy and poor service ethics in these organisations hinders timely fixes.

Such issues impact significantly on the productivity and performance of the public service which in turn flows through to all taxpayers who carry the cost.

And while we would much prefer to donate to other charitable causes, we really can’t stand by and watch thousands of taxpayer dollars being wasted. So for our societal contribution we will continue to donate our time in raising awareness and seeking solutions for better public services.

Inland Revenue bypassing tax agents – again and again and again

Inland Revenue continues to bombard taxpayers with correspondence that is duplicated, redundant, and in some cases, just plain wrong.

Worse, Inland Revenue seems to make very few distinctions between taxpayers who file their own returns and those who have engaged a tax agent to communicate with Inland Revenue on their behalf.

This severely undermines relationships between IRD and agents, IRD and taxpayers, and worst of all, between agents and their clients.

Postscript – In late November IRD advised as follows:

Tax agent redirect

We’ve received feedback that some of our letters are being issued directly to clients, rather than redirecting to tax agents. Over the past few weeks, we’ve undertaken a systematic review of all the letter currently set to not follow the tax agent redirect.

While some of these letters are correctly designed to go directly to clients, some have been programmed incorrectly, and we’re working on each letter individually to fix this. We’ll provide an update here once we have more information. You can find more information on the letters which we’ve already fixed in our archive.

We’re also working to update our system so that all new letters after April 2020 will be set to follow the tax agent redirect by default.

This is a positive development although:

  • For ‘some’ letters – read hundreds of thousands of letters
  • We’ve received feedback – read hundreds of agents complaining about this for the last two years or more
  • Good to see it being resolved from April 2020 – of course IRD has made similar promises including to fix by April 2019

Imagine how much quicker this could have been resolved if IRD had not put so much effort into denying the problems existed

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