IRD has now fixed all the problems with its policy for communicating with stakeholders by email.

The official policy is at

However that document doesn’t identify some other improvements identified in an internal IRD memorandum (I have a copy).

To summarise:

  • A customer, agent or nominated person can give permission by telephone
  • Subject lines should be meaningful
  • IRD will reply to an email without deleting the original ‘string’
  • Confidential material in an attachment can have an agreed password, but no zipping or ‘encryption’
  • Working spreadsheets or other documents can be emailed if they make it easier for a case to progress (which of course it always will)
  • IRD staff best practice recommends turning on ‘read receipts’ ,and where appropriate “out of office” messages (and we should extend the same courtesy
  • All my earlier grumpy articles can now fade into history

Now to get IRD to stop blocking caller ID…..

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