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IRD agreed adjustment forms – get advice before signing

In requiring taxpayers to sign ‘agreed adjustment” forms, IRD staff continue to breach standards, including those published by Inland Revenue itself.

From our repeated experience, crucial IRD staff breaches are:

  • issuing agreed adjustment forms when there is no agreement
  • failing to disclose use of money interest, potential penalties, and even other tax types
  • demanding the taxpayer to sign within a very short time
  • using other coercive tactics to get taxpayers to sign away their rights
  • We strongly recommend that before signing such a document you read the contents of this article and if in any doubt seek urgent expert advice.

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Tips for handling an IRD audit – Chinese (simplified) translation

English version



而近期稅務局集中精力關注所謂的“黑色”經濟 – 大多是那些由業主自營但缺乏強有效帳目管理的商家,尤其是那些現金交易佔比重較大的企業。這些商家的業主和僱員較有機會挪用現金而不申報納稅。

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Submission to IRD and Government re IRD Audit and Communications

This section of our website sets out a number of issues that we often observe in respect of the way IRD manages audits and other communications with taxpayers.

The most recent development is our 5 May 2011 submission to the Minister and Commissioner of Inland Revenue, and an IRD response that in our view ducks nearly all the points we are making.

We will continue to pursue these matters in various forums.

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