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Submission to IRD and Government re IRD Audit and Communications

This section of our website sets out a number of issues that we often observe in respect of the way IRD manages audits and other communications with taxpayers.

The most recent development is our 5 May 2011 submission to the Minister and Commissioner of Inland Revenue, and an IRD response that in our view ducks nearly all the points we are making.

We will continue to pursue these matters in various forums.

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Disasters and donations

The amendment applies to trading stock (as opposed to other goods and assets), only to the Christchurch earthquake as opposed to other disasters, and only for four months after the two relevant earthquakes.
However it is in effect an acknowledgement that the existing legislation doesn’t cope with an urgent need to donate goods, and we are hopeful that in due course the provision could be widened further.
We thank CPA Australia, Business Roundtable and others for their support.

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IRD issues two incorrect residence rulings – then taxpayer pays for IRD’s errors

The following article sets out a real life case example of a taxpayer who:

  • In good faith relied on an incorrect ruling from IRD in respect of his tax residence
  • Was then subjected to significant cost in overturning a second IRD ruling, also incorrect
  • Was then subjected to unsympathetic IRD debt collection procedures

We also remind taxpayers that they should not seek advice from Inland Revenue, and especially not in respect of tax residence.

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